Save With our Winter Promotional

November 2017


Our winter promotional is exciting.  For a limited time, when you rent your storage space online, your move in cost is only $19.95 for the first month.  This special is good on any size space from our small closet size to our super large garage plus space.  Our regualr low rates apply after the 1st month.  

You can always count on All American Storage in Lubbock, Texas for a great value on clean, secure storage near you.  With this new special and our already great rates on self storage, you can't lose. 


Transparent Pricing. The Way We Do Business.

November 2017


Everyone wants the best storage unit prices at a convenient location near them. It’s only natural.

Still, it’s important to do some research before you make that first payment on your rental unit. Storage facilities in West Texas and in particular, Lubbock, have become more competitive over the years and it’s not uncommon to see offers for free storage. While these kinds of offers are enticing, be careful to take a closer look and ensure you’re getting the best possible price.

Some storage facilities in Lubbock offer an initial low rate, but quickly raise the rent after a few months. Other facilities in Lubbock charge you an administration fee and require that you buy insurance, even if you don’t need it! I once heard an owner say these kinds of fees let him remake his money on the "back-end of the deal." That's just not fair.  

Fortunately, more people in Lubbock are learning about these tactics and demanding a more transparent pricing model. Storage facilities that offer transparent pricing, like All American Storage,  guarantee that the price you see online or hear over the phone is the price you pay, no exceptions.  So take advantage of these great storage offers, but make sure you know what you are getting before you sign that rental contract.  


So before you rent:

1.  Make a call or go by the storage facility and ask what your rent will be a few months after you move in.  Do the offer any price guarantees?

2.  Ask about any adminisrative fees.  Some facilities charge these fees upfront.  It's the price you pay them to set up your account.  

3. Does the facility charge a deposit,  and if they do, is it fully refundable?

4. If they offer the use of a FREE truck, is a deposit required on the truck and will there be any associated fees like gas or mileage?

The Confusion Over Renting Self Storage Online Verses Making a Reservation

November 2017


Many storage facilities offer what appears to be online renting when actually they are just offering to make you a reservation to rent a space.  When you click on the “Rent Now” button on the All American Storage website, you’re doing more than just making a reservation, you’re actually renting a storage space in real time.  Our website will walk you through the simple process of choosing your space, seeing the price and lastly filling out an online contract.  It only takes a few minutes, and when you’re done, you’ll be given a private gate code and immediate access to you space.  This all happens from the privacy of your own home using your personal computer or smart phone.  There’s no need to spend additional time waiting for our office to open to rent your storage space.  Of course, we’re always happy to see you to answer any questions you may have.  We love to see all our customers whether they rent in person or online.  






Sometimes, even Santa needs a little help.

December 4, 2017


As a longtime Lubbock resident with children, I know how difficult it is to keep Christmas gifts from prying eyes. It’s a predictable cycle: You do your best to hide “Santa’s” gifts somewhere in the house and curious children often find them. In fact, surveys show that at least 2/3 of children try to find their gifts before Christmas. And can you blame them? I know I did the same when I was a kid!



Thankfully, self-storage can help. Instead of hiding Christmas presents at home only to have them discovered by Santa’s little helpers, why not keep your Christmas gifts in a storage space? All American storage in Lubbock offer affordable, closet-size spaces that are a perfect place for hiding gifts. Imagine: a perfect hiding place for all your Christmas gifts that also doubles as a closet for your holiday decorations. It doesn’t get much more convenient (or sneaky) than that!




A Self Storage Unit is Perfect for Storing Seasonal Items

 December 26, 2017

Christmas has come and gone, and now is the time to think about storing all those seasonal items for easy access next year at All American Storage.  You could drag that artificial tree and all the decorations up to the attic, but why not consider the easier option of renting a self-storage unit?  A storage unit probably cost much less than you might think and the convenience is priceless.  A storage unit perfect for seasonal items is a 5x5 or 5X10 foot unit.  Each has an 8 ½ foot high ceiling that gives you lots of vertical space.  You’ll feel secure knowing that our facility is fenced and lighted with 24-hour video taping.  Your stored items will be available to you at any time by entering the storage facility using your private gate code.  Don’t worry about having to transport your items down a long hallway.  Drive right up to your unit for easy loading and unloading.  When the holiday season starts again next year you’ll be glad you gave yourself a break and chose to store away all those decorations at All American Storage in Lubbock.


Tips for Using Seasonal Storage

1.  1.     Use colorful plastic bins to store items for different seasons. Use red bins for Christmas items, orange for Halloween… You’ll find colorful storage bins at your local hardware store.

2.  2.     Don’t forget to label your bins with their contents.  Better yet, use your phone to take a photo of each box with it’s contents before it’s stored.

3. 3.      Store items that you anticipate using the most toward the front of your storage locker.  If you don’t put that blow-up Santa out every year, store him toward the back of your space. 

4.  4.     You might want to stack your bins along the wall, leaving walking space down the center of your storage space.  This will give you easy access to most of your items. 

5.  5.      Don’t forget to stack.  Take advantage of vertical space in your storage unit. 




What Type of Lock is Best for Self Storage?

January 6, 2018

 You need the best lock for your storage unit. While Lubbock is a great city in many ways, Lubbock has one of the highest crime rates in the nation. Just last year, Lubbock had thousands of reported thefts, and some of these thefts occurred at storage facilities.

So, how do you keep your valuables safe? First, you should choose a storage facility that offers gated, passcode-protected units in addition to security cameras. Second, you should invest in a high-quality lock. While some tenants use keyless locks or padlocks on their self storage units, these types of locks don’t deter thieves. Keyless locks have easy-to-guess passcodes and are easily snapped by bolt-cutters or hack-saws. Padlocks can be lock-picked or circumvented by “bump keys,” a lock-picking technique that uses a custom key and blunt force to open a lock.

So, what lock is best? Round Locks.

Long considered an industry standard, Round Locks are designed for self-storage units. Round Locks are difficult to pick and impervious to hammers, bolt-cutters, and hack-saws due to their unique U-shaped design. In fact, the only way for thieves to thwart a Round Lock is to grind it apart –a task that is very loud and requires specialized equipment—both big turn-offs for thieves. Even better, Round Locks are made of stainless steel, which means they will never rust and remain unaffected by weather. While Round Locks are slightly more expensive, they offer premium-level security for your storage unit. Thieves hate them!

Should you want to purchase a round lock for your storage unit, All American Storage carries both a keyed lock and a combination round lock.  Both are sold at prices competative with the big hardware stores.